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Google Opens Official Fuchsia OS server in Discord

Fuchsia OS has gone from being an operating system in which Google has been developing it in the strictest secrecy to becoming a public development project for which even since last December it was open to contributions from third parties. Discussions were originally set up on a number of Google email lists, and even through an IRC channel, but very recently, but things have changed along the way. As proof of this, Google just opened an official server on Discord, making it an official place for developers and enthusiasts to come together to discuss this budding operating system. It will… Read More

Where Do AirDrop Files Go on an IPhone?

AirDrop is the best way to transfer files between Apple devices. If you want to send something from an iPhone to an iPad, or from a Mac to your iPhone, there is no better way to do it than using AirDrop. However, when doing so, the files are saved automatically, and not all users know exactly where the files sent by AirDrop are received. That is why we are going to tell you where the files that are sent by AirDrop are saved, depending on your device it may change. AirDrop sends the files without any loss of quality, so… Read More