How to Check if Your iPhone Is Under Warranty

How to Check if Your iPhone Is Under Warranty

How to Check if Your iPhone Is Under Warranty

One of the most important aspects when purchasing a new computer, in this case, an iPhone or iPad, is the warranty. In the case of Cupertino products, it is referred to as Apple Care.

If you recently purchased any of these products or you already have time with them and want to know if you are still within the warranty period, this article is for you. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know if your iPhone or iPad still has a guarantee.

How is the Apple warranty?

In this case, the Apple or Apple Care warranty consists of providing users with a coverage or replacement service for equipment or parts and labor through its technicians. In Spain it can cover up to 2 years of guarantee, the first year is covered in its entirety by the Apple company and the second year by your insurance company.

When we talk about Apple, this service takes effect at the time of purchasing an iPhone or iPad, providing 1-year coverage with its limited warranty service and up to 90 days of technical support totally free.

Now this guarantee includes:

  • Telephone technical support.
  • In-store repair through your nearest Apple Store or authorized agent.
    Hardware coverage.

When we do not refer to hardware coverage, the system encompasses:

  • Up to two accidental damage incidents every 12 months.
  • Battery repair if it retains less than 80% of its original capacity.
  • Replacement for your iPhone or iPad.
  • Software support.

How to check the iPhone serial number?

One of the ways to know if your iPhone is still within the warranty coverage is through its serial number. To locate this data is very simple, you just have to do the following:

  • On your iPhone or iPad go to “Settings> General> About”.
  • Once inside this section, you will find some information about your devices such as the name, software version, model, model number, and serial number.
  • It is important that you have this serial number on hand to verify the warranty since they are the digits that you will need in the next steps that we will tell you.

How to verify an Apple product?

Apple has greatly facilitated the possibility of verifying if your iPhone or iPad has a guarantee and, of course, how much coverage time they have left. To do this, you must visit this official website, intended for checking this section.

Once inside, you must enter the serial number of your iPhone or iPad (the same as we discussed in the previous step), follow the steps shown on the page, and click on “Continue”.

When you finish these steps, you will obtain all the information related to the warranty of your equipment and with it, know how much time you have or if otherwise, it has expired.

How can I know if my iPhone is under warranty?

One of the easiest ways to know if your iPhone or iPad still has a guarantee is by following the steps in the previous point. However, there is an even easier way to find out.

What you should do is follow the same process to find out the serial number, that is, go to “Settings> General> About”. Within this same section, if you continue to slide the screen, you will find a section that indicates “Limited Warranty”, followed by the expiration date. This is the easiest and fastest way to check if your iPhone is still under warranty.

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