Google Opens Official Fuchsia OS server in Discord

Google Opens Official Fuchsia OS server in Discord

Google opens official Discord server for Fuchsia OS

Fuchsia OS has gone from being an operating system in which Google has been developing it in the strictest secrecy to becoming a public development project for which even since last December it was open to contributions from third parties.

Discussions were originally set up on a number of Google email lists, and even through an IRC channel, but very recently, but things have changed along the way. As proof of this, Google just opened an official server on Discord, making it an official place for developers and enthusiasts to come together to discuss this budding operating system.

It will become the official Fuchsia OS community

It was Fuchsia’s own team that announced the arrival of its official Discord server through the subreddit that they also manage, according to 9to5Google.

At the moment, the new Discord server has two established channels, one for general discussion of the operating system and another for discussions about the server itself, but administrators will also bring new channels along the way as new users arrive. , thereby reaching new needs to be derived through the new channels that may arrive in the future.

In this way, Google is increasingly open with its new operating system, allowing the community to grow through the use of established communication platforms, such as Discord, which at first was known as a chat platform for players, but that over time it has been diversifying, adopting other themes beyond the games themselves.

In addition, Fuchsia OS released a new logo last week that will be representative of it from now on. The interesting thing is that the official Fuchsia OS Discord server will be managed directly by Google workers, thus guaranteeing that the community can grow smoothly and in an orderly manner.

Perhaps from here, interesting headlines can come out that the rest of the people allow us to know even more about the evolution of Google’s new operating system, which is already running on some real devices, so it is interesting to know how far it can go in the future with more and more enthusiasts along the way, as well as an increasingly advanced development of it.

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